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ShackTac User Interface v1.2.0

Download the new STUI through Steam Workshop.


As part of this new release, we’ve moved our documentation to our public ShackTac wiki.

You can report issues in our tracker.

ShackTac User Interface now on Steam Workshop

The ShackTac User Interface compilation is now available on the Steam Workshop.

ShackTac Map Gestures

I’ve released the ShackTac Map Gestures mod, which you can read more about and download here.

ShackTac Name Tags released, ShackTac User Interface compilation established

The new ShackTac Name Tags mod can be read about here, and here’s a┬ásummary video:

A new method of distribution has been created, known as the ShackTac User Interface. This includes all UI-related ShackTac mods – you can pick and choose what you’d like to use from the compilation. Read more about that, as well as details on the other STUI mods, here.

Note that the latest STUI now includes the STHUD UserMenu, Map Autobrightness, and ShackTac Interact, as well as supports the new CBA in-game keybinding methods.

ShackTac Stamina Bar mod released!

You can read more about this mod here.

ShackTac Group Indicators released

We’ve just released a new mod in the ShackTac collection, called ShackTac Group Indicators, or STGI for short. For more on how it works, I’ve created a video describing it, and you can find further information (including downloads) here.

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