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ShackTac Name Tags


The ShackTac Name Tags system – STNT – was designed to replace the existing Arma nametags in order to make them more usable and interesting. This is another installment in the ShackTac UI modset, intended to be used alongside ShackTac HUD and the ShackTac Group Indicators.


STNT tags show two pieces of information – the player’s name and his group name, with the player’s name being slightly larger for clarity. The display of the group name is intended to give easy at-a-glance “What unit is this?” identification.

The tags will fade over distance, with the name being visible for twice as far as the group. The furthest you’ll see a name tag at is 40 meters, and this distance changes based on the lighting conditions. You’ll see the tags at shorter distances during dusk or dawn, and at much shorter ranges at night. If you have nightvision on, you’ll be able to see the tags better at night than otherwise, but still not at daytime distances.

If group colors are being used within a group, each member of the group will see people’s names displayed in the appropriate colors. This only happens within your own group – all other players will display with green names.

A few other notes:

  • The group tags will be colored white for units within your own group, and pale green for people in other groups.
  • Tags will appear instantly when moused over a player, but will fade away when you mouse away from them.
  • Enemies will never display name tags – only people on your own side will do so.



ShackTac Name Tags was created by Dslyecxi, with thanks to zx64 for assistance with framework integration and general Good Arma Coding Practices.


STNT is part of the STUI compilation – download information can be found here.