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FAQs on our join process

Here are some common ShackTac applicant questions that I’ve received. I do not answer questions like these on my Tumblr any longer, due to them typically being repeats of the below.

Q: Is there an age limit?

A: In response to growing demand, as of 2013 a minimum age of 18 has been established. If you are younger than this, simply wait until you’ve reached 18 before applying. ShackTac has been around for over ten years – you have time.

Q: Do you respond to all inquiries, even those not accepted?

A: I only respond to people who can move further in the process. I receive hundreds upon hundreds of inquiries every month and it is not possible to reply to all. Replying to a non-selected applicant tends to only result in more e-mail from them in any case. If you have not received a response in six to eight months, you have most likely not been accepted. If you have sent me multiple e-mails and have never heard back, same story – not accepted. Sending more mail when you’re a no-go candidate does not improve your chances.

Q: If I seem to have not been selected, how can I “improve” my application?

A: Your first application is the one that makes an impression. Don’t send it until you’re ready to be judged by the contents of it.

Q: How many words should be in an applicant e-mail?

A: Up to you.

Q: What are you looking for in an applicant e-mail?

A: Read the ShackTac page and you’ll know the answer to this.

Q: I have some sort of special situation, if I ask you for your feedback on it via Tumblr, will you answer me?

A: Probably not. Include it in your join inquiry. If it isn’t a disqualifier and you fit the criteria for a followup e-mail, you’ll receive one.

Q: I live in ______ are there other people in ShackTac from ________? / How do the timezones work out for me?

A: We have members from the US, Canada, a few from South America, a good number from various European countries, as well as Australian and New Zealand players. I will not answer specific questions about how many people we have from each region, or what specific countries are involved. If you are curious about timezones – do the math. Everything you need to figure out the schedule is available via the ShackTac page.