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ShackTac Server Modset

While this page is current as of August 2016, I probably will not keep it perfectly up to date moving forward. Still, it gives an idea of what our modset is like in A3, and I’ve also included our A2 one for historical reference.

ShackTac’s Arma 3 Server Modset

  • ACRE2 for radio comms
  • ST-ACE3 medical system, which takes the ACE3 Medical Overhaul and drastically changes and rewrites it to support the ShackTac style of play
  • RHS US/Russian forces pack
  • CUP Terrain Pack – This brings over the Arma 2 & Arma 1 terrains and allows us to use A2 terrains in A3.
  • Various other terrains – you can see the terrain name whenever I open the map in a video, on the upper bar.
  • CUP weapons/units/vehicles
  • ShackTac mods, including ST Grenades, STACRE Volume, ST NVGs and various other things we’ve developed in-house.
  • NIA weapon packs
  • Killoch’s Multi-National Force uniforms
  • Delta Hawk US Military units
  • Taosenai’s paper map
  • Selected aspects of ACE3

ShackTac’s Arma 2 Server Modset

  • ACRE – We use whatever the most recent stable version is.
  • ACE v1.13.0.541. We have also cherry-picked several things from more recent ACE versions, such as sys_fragmentation, the cookoff system, and the improved CCRP/CCIP feature. In addition to this, we have done some gameplay modifications to the stamina and wounding systems, and have removed undesired aspects like G-effects and earplugs/deafness.
    • ACEX v1.13.0.353
    • ACEX_RU
    • ACEX_USNavy 1.13
  • ShackTac mods – STACRE Volume, STHUD, ST Map Autobrightness, ST Littlebird Enhancement, ST Group Indicators, etc
  • Terrains, including but not limited to
    • CAA1 (all of the ArmA1 terrains)
    • Podagorsk, Afghan Village, Capraia, Celle 2, Clafghan, Fallujah, Isla Duala, Japahto, Cinder City, Kellu, MBG Nam, Aliabad, Namalsk, Mana, Razani, SAP Everon, Thirsk, Schmalfelden, Tora Bora, Vostok
  • Falcon’s Woodland BDU’s