Non-Professional / Gaming / Youtube

If you are a contributor to or interested in my Youtube/tumblr/twitter presences, take a look at my FAQ about those aspects of my interactions.

For non-professional inquiries, if you want my Skype contact information or are interested in giving feedback about any of the content posted on this site, feel free to reach me at the same address – no header is needed. If you are contacting me about Shack Tactical, please read my ShackTac page first, as there are specific steps to take regarding that.

I do not accept unsolicited Skype or Steam requests.

While I no longer regularly update Tumblr, you can find many past Q&As there.


For professional inquiries on VBS development (scenario/addon design, machinima, consulting, etc), you can reach me at Please tag your e-mail with the header [VBS] so that I can easily identify such inquiries.

Due to the nature of the contracts I tend to work on, full projects (such as cultural awareness videos of Iraq and Afghanistan) are usually not available to the public. However, some representative work can be seen here. If you would like a more detailed portfolio of my work, feel free to request one via e-mail.

I am also the author of the official Arma 3 Tactical Guide and have done various VBS trailers/previews for BISimulations from roughly late 2007 to early 2014.