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ShackTac ACRE Volume Control released

This is a very lightweight mod I created to give ShackTac the ability to control our voice volumes in adversarial gameplay using ACRE. This takes advantage of API functionality added to ACRE a few months ago. As of now let’s just say that it requires ACRE 1.4.7 and TS 3.0.7 minimum. There should be no other requirements aside from that this must run on both the server and clients to work correctly.

I’ve created a video overview of it, with the voiceover text included below for easy reading.

ShackTac’s ACRE Volume Control mod introduces a critical element that has been missing from ACRE until now – the ability to very easily control your in-game audibility. The effect this has on player-vs-player scenarios in particular is remarkable.

Note that this mod must be run both client- and server-side.

Further instructions after the break.

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ShackTac Littlebird Enhancement Mod (beta)

I’ve just released the ShackTac Littlebird Enhancement Mod. Note that this is a beta release, so expect some potential issues. With that being said, it has been quite usable for those of us at ShackTac and I’m happy with how it has turned out.

You can find details and download info here. Feature requests and bug reports can be handled there as well through the ticket system. The news/files sections will be updated as new versions are released.

Here are some example videos showing off functionality:

Also, since I know this will come up: No, I do not plan to make this for any other vehicles aside from the xH-6 platform. If you’d like to take on that challenge, feel free – I just do not personally have the time for it.

Enjoy! 😀

The BIS forum thread for this mod can be found here. 

ShackTac Movement Addons

Introducing the ShackTac Movement addons, by Rg

If you’ve ever hung up in a doorway, on a tree, or generally found yourself falling all over yourself in close-quarters movement, you’re going to get a kick out of this. “ST Movement” is a set of two tiny addons that bring a welcome change to your ArmA2 movement model.

The first, st_collision, is based on an addon concept by Rocko and Kju from the ArmA1 days, redone in ArmA2 by Rg. This addon causes your weapon collision with the environment to be significantly toned down, meaning that you can now move sideways through doorways and generally find CQB to be enjoyable, versus feel like a rusted robot trying to navigate a terrifying alien world called ‘indoors’. Try it out and see, it’s simple and very noticeable.

The second may or may not be a big deal, depending on how you move around in ArmA2. There is a combination of keys in A2 that, for reasons unknown, triggers you into a several-second-long evasive-sideways animation. Personally, this used to get me in trouble (or killed) frequently. The st_evasive addon simply removes this animation from the player’s movement system, preventing any key combination from accidentally triggering it.

Both addons can be seen in video form here:

You can download them here, filename st_movement_v1.7z.

The BIS forum thread for this is here. 

ShackTac Fireteam HUD released

The ShackTac Fireteam HUD has recently been released. You can find more information about it here..

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