ShackTac Littlebird Enhancement Mod (beta)

I’ve just released the ShackTac Littlebird Enhancement Mod. Note that this is a beta release, so expect some potential issues. With that being said, it has been quite usable for those of us at ShackTac and I’m happy with how it has turned out.

You can find details and download info here. Feature requests and bug reports can be handled there as well through the ticket system. The news/files sections will be updated as new versions are released.

Here are some example videos showing off functionality:

Also, since I know this will come up: No, I do not plan to make this for any other vehicles aside from the xH-6 platform. If you’d like to take on that challenge, feel free – I just do not personally have the time for it.

Enjoy! 😀

The BIS forum thread for this mod can be found here. 

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