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ShackTac Stamina Bar

The ShackTac Stamina Bar is a mod created to help give a subtle visualization of your current stamina level, inspired by the most recent changes to Arma’s stamina in the Bootcamp update. This has no prerequisites – no CBA or anything like that.

If you’d like a video talkover of the mod, check this out:

This is a very simple way to maintain awareness of your stamina state. In reality it’s very easy to tell how tired you are, how long it will take to recover, etc – whereas in a game, having breathing or screen-dimming effects doesn’t convey the same detail of information. One of the concerns about any sort of stamina representation is that it could clutter the UI, and because of that, I’ve gone to extra effort to ensure this is a very subtle visualization.


The stamina bar appears in the lower-left of the screen, mostly translucent at the start. As fatigue increases, the bar becomes more visible and begins to fill up, changing color smoothly from green to red as you accumulate stamina. You’ll learn a lot about how the stamina works in the Bootcamp update via this, and hopefully it will help you both plan your movement better as well as give more data-oriented feedback to BIS regarding how the stamina behaves, instead of it often being guesswork.


A few other features:

  • The stamina bar is disabled if driver, gunner, or commander of a vehicle. Passengers will still see their stamina. This is intended to allow an embarked infantryman to know how their stamina is recovering while in a vehicle, whereas it’s assumed that the driver, gunner, and commander are staying in their vehicle and don’t need to know that info.
  • The stamina bar will disappear once the camera perspective and the player model are sufficiently far apart (~5 meters). This makes it usable in third-person, but if you go into a camera mode or similar, it will disappear in order to allow for easy cinematic shots without the UI element being there.


Thanks to Taosenai for feedback and ideas to help further refine this.

STHUD is part of the STUI compilation – download information can be found here.

1 comment

    • Tobi on April 14, 2015 at 11:09 pm

    The mod is great, probably the best thing since bipods got released. Only one big problem:
    When I die during a campaign or Scenario and I load a save point, the stamina bar is gone. I have to completely restart the mission to get the bar back. I hope that there is someday a fix for this, getting surprised and having to restart the entire mission to get a critical component that lets me know if I should peek my head to shoot or judge if I can sprint from cover to cover or not.

    Otherwise, groundbreaking stuff that SHOULD’VE been included in the base game.

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