September catch-up

I don’t post to my site as much as I probably should, so in order to help correct that, let’s go through a few things that have happened over the last few months!

For starters, I updated my ‘Dslyecxi on Youtube‘ page to include all current playlists, revising the info in it slightly in the process. Whee! You can also check out an alternate view of my channel as seen on Youtube Gaming. It doesn’t look half bad, really.

I’ve done quite a bit of instructional content creation lately. Some notable videos from recently include:

In closely related news, my Patreon campaign continues to provide time to work on projects like those you see above, which is a happy thing to see! Many thanks to everyone who’s contributed, and I hope you’ve enjoyed the results! As always, if you like what I’m doing and have the means to support it, it’s always greatly appreciated. I have a mountain of ideas I’m working my way through video by video, and it wouldn’t be possible without this support. Thanks!

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