March 2015 Cycle – Mar 2014 to Dec 31st

E-mails for the next join cycle for ShackTac were just sent out, taken from an applicant pool of approximately 1500, with less than 3% making selection. This batch includes anyone who applied after the March 2014 cycle – the cutoff is January 1st 2015.

Things have remained challenging with regards to onboarding people for ShackTac – Arma 3 does not support the playercounts we became accustomed to in the Arma 2 era, so our joins have slowed accordingly. Hopefully the future of Arma 3 will improve enough to allow us a bit more expansion, though it’s unlikely our onboarding tempo will change much from an outsider’s perspective.

In any case, the e-mails have been sent out. I can’t hypothesize as to when the next join batch will be, but when it happens, it will include people from Jan 1st 2015 onward.

To those of you not selected – I hope you find a good place to participate, even if it can’t be with us for now. Take care as always!

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