50,000 Youtube subscribers

I hit a cool milestone of 50,000 Youtube subscribers. To celebrate, I talked for a bit about what it means, what the future holds, etc.



    • Polish Martyr on May 30, 2013 at 6:59 pm
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    I want to say congrats sir on reaching 50,000 subscribers. It is no small feat. Been interested in Arma for a long time now and your channel on youtube has invigorated me to pursue more clan based missions rather than playing on random servers. One of the small details you do in your videos that I have always appreciated and enjoyed was when you start off the videos going over what the mission is and what we are about to see. It is a nice way to start a video in my opinion and a great way to give the setting rather than just having us watch the recording right away without much as much details you do provide. Best of luck to you and Shack Tactical in 2013 and in Arma 3.

  1. Not sure where to put this so I’ll aks here – is there a mission guide for ShackTac anywhere?
    I’ve loved watching your videos for some time and still enjoy it when a new set comes out.
    Beats everything on television and provides me with hours of entertainment.

    But it’s often confusing to an outsider, particularly because all ShackTac’ers tend to gloss over the goals and context of a mission because they’ve played it so often it’s second nature to them.

    The sort of thing I’m thinking of would be a standard format for each misson (forces, disposition, map etc) with perhaps a paragraph or two from someone on what can happen or what has happened on thie mission historically (to give it colour).

    I’m not suggesting this is for you as the overworked voice of ShackTac but perhaps one of the other guys could take it on?

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