The benefits of TrackIR

How much does a TrackIR really help? I can’t justify spending that much on it until I know how it is.

I am a huge fan of TrackIR, as you probably guessed from my past videos of it – most recently, my TrackIR5 video. You can see my usage of it in my recent first-person videos, to include aerial usage in Plateau Assault and infantry usage in The Little Delta That Could. I do not play ArmA without it – ever. I find myself twitching my head instinctively in other games that don’t support it, and wish they did. I have tactics as both infantry and air that simply are not possible to do without a TrackIR, and I know it has saved me many, many, many times in my gaming. I strongly believe in TrackIR as well as the company that makes it – NaturalPoint – and I recommend it to anyone who can scrounge up the funds. It is without question worth the money. It’s not terribly expensive when you put it in the proper context, and it’s an awesome product that will absolutely help you in ArmA.


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  1. tim

    Hi Dslyecxi,

    I wonder if you could be persuaded to share your TrackIR5 setup/profile(s) (for Arma2).

    I appreciate it’s an individual thing, but starting from what you find useful would considerably simplify the process, which is complex for a newbie and very much subject to error.

    Thanks if you can 🙂


    (PS I used your $20 off coupon, thanks for that too!).

    1. dslyecxi

      This is on my to-do list, but it’s a big list. 🙁

  2. tim

    Super-cali-expeditious – I’m really most grateful.
    I realised it would take time as your unfulfilled offer to upload on the BI forums is still visible 🙂
    But in the meantime the man from FedEx arrived and hey, know what, this little thing has revolutionised my game first try.
    Excellent recommendation, chuffed.

  3. Chad

    Hi Dslyecxi,

    Have you the opportunity to share your most recent TrackIR5 Arma 3 profile? I’d like to see how you have it all set up. Thanks for all you do for the gaming community…love your vids and everything Arma 3!!

    Here’s hoping you can release your settings soon!

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