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ShackTac User Interface now on Steam Workshop

The ShackTac User Interface compilation is now available on the Steam Workshop.

ShackTac Map Gestures

I’ve released the ShackTac Map Gestures mod, which you can read more about and download here.

March 2015 Cycle – Mar 2014 to Dec 31st

E-mails for the next join cycle for ShackTac were just sent out, taken from an applicant pool of approximately 1500, with less than 3% making selection. This batch includes anyone who applied after the March 2014 cycle – the cutoff is January 1st 2015.

Things have remained challenging with regards to onboarding people for ShackTac – Arma 3 does not support the playercounts we became accustomed to in the Arma 2 era, so our joins have slowed accordingly. Hopefully the future of Arma 3 will improve enough to allow us a bit more expansion, though it’s unlikely our onboarding tempo will change much from an outsider’s perspective.

In any case, the e-mails have been sent out. I can’t hypothesize as to when the next join batch will be, but when it happens, it will include people from Jan 1st 2015 onward.

To those of you not selected – I hope you find a good place to participate, even if it can’t be with us for now. Take care as always!

Nine years of Serious Fun

My 2014 Year in Review video, celebrating nine fantastic years of gaming with ShackTac:


Our group photo, in monstrous resolution: Monster-Sized 

Also in a more sane resolution:

Next batch in 2015

Due to the upcoming holidays and year-end aspects of our community, the next join batch has been delayed until January of 2015. This batch will include people from March 2014 to January 2015 and will likely be about 30-45 people in total. I’ll post again once the e-mails have been sent out for it.

“Why We Fight”

Have a look over at Polygon for an article written about the ShackTac community, as experienced by a covert journalist.

I was in Shack Tactical now, an elite Arma gaming group, embedded with them as a new recruit. To keep the experience pure I withheld my true identity as a writer. I was there to document a kind of role playing experience that can’t be found anywhere else, and I didn’t need someone showing off or holding back because I was there to observe them.

I joined ShackTac to find out what kept these men and women fighting, together, two nights a week for nearly eight years. I was here to experience their style of play, and also to feel what they felt.

Our Blackhawk was packed with nearly 20 people. Sitting around me were both fireteams from Charlie squad, our complement of leadership and medical support staff as well as pilots and gunners.

We had crossed an invisible line on the map. We were in enemy territory now.

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