Arma 3 ShackTac Mod Updates

An Arma3-compatible version of ShackTac ACRE Volume Adjust has been released on DevHeaven here. If you aren’t sure of what this is, read up on the A2 variant.

Map Autobrightness did not need porting – the Arma2 version works fine in Arma3, so feel free to use it.

As to what comes next – guess we’ll find out soon enough!


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  1. Serza

    So, STACRE for ArmA 3? Now there’s some good news, what a shame local communities don’t seem too fond of the original 🙁
    They have no taste in mods, I guess.

  2. Jdubz

    Any news on porting over the little bird enhancement mod?

    1. dslyecxi

      Not currently. That will probably wait until closer to release.

  3. scrim

    What about ST Interact? That’d be worth gold, nay, platina!

  4. Lucas Nunes

    Great Mods! I’m really eager to see ST Interact up and running too. Thanks Dslyecxi!

  5. Dom.stb

    Thanks for these. I play a lot of TvT and stacre is essential to me.

  6. CrAsH

    just wondering if there is any news on this mod for arma 3 now

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