Something special is on the way…

What could it be? D:!!

Stay tuned for more. ETA? “Soon”.

Update 2, April 28th: Teaser image. Check back on the 30th for the full reveal.

Update 3, April 29th: By popular demand, a second teaser. Full reveal will be on the 30th, still. Enjoy!

Speaking of special…

The most recent issue of PC Gamer UK sports a feature in which they cover the “200 best things about PC gaming”, in no particular order. In it, at slot #95, there’s a bit on ‘Massively Co-Op Games’, depicted below (click for a readable version). At the end of it is a link, which goes to – yep, you guessed it – a ShackTac ArmA video. Now, mind you, this is not a random chance happening – we’ve hosted a PC Gamer editor in our sessions before, and to paraphrase him, he didn’t see the true full potential of ArmA until he had played with Shack Tactical in our sessions. High praise indeed, and to have it make it’s way into the top 200 things of all of PC Gaming?

We’re flattered, to put it lightly! 😉

(p.s. PCG editors: We have a lot of much higher quality videos up on Youtube – use those next time, GVid makes people’s eyes bleed!)