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October 2012 Cycle

The October selection has happened and the lucky ~30ish have received their e-mails by now. Note that September and October have not had DEP e-mails sent out, as I’m currently reevaluating the longer-term feasibility of DEP. I hope to accomplish that reevaluation this month.

September 2012 DEP Update

At this time I have not yet sent out any DEP e-mails for the month of September. I need to spend some time in thought on how to proceed with DEP in the future, and I don’t want to prematurely send out information to the selected people until I have clarified my stance on how this will work.

Sorry for the inconvenience. I’ll post more when I have something more solid to tell you.

September 2012 Cycle

My intent is to send out the September applicant acceptance e-mails Friday, August 31st, by midnight. I will update this post to reflect the actual status of that once I know more. I will likely do the DEP e-mails a week after.

The September class of applicants will begin on September 2nd – those who are accepted should aim at being in contact with me per the directions no later than September 3rd. Please be ready to go through the directions very carefully if you do end up making the initial selection.

Edit: I narrowed it down to 35 people for this month’s batch (including several people already in DEP). There are ~30 others that I am potentially looking at adding to DEP, but that will be decided another day. I’m planning to do an article on my site in the near future about the ST join process going forward. We may slow down even further from where we are, based on retention/demand/community cohesion/future prospects. It’s one hell of a challenge to try to figure out. I also plan to have an article discussing alternatives to ShackTac that I can recommend, and various other thoughts of mine in that direction.

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