Hindsight returns!

AoF Danger Close

New Art of Flight & VTTP Episodes

Art of Flight Transcripts

I’ve added transcripts of the Art of Flight series to TTP3. The idea is simply to have an easy way to skim and refresh on the topics without having to go through an entire video again.

You can find those in TTP3 here, with each episode’s transcript being accessible in the “Episode Transcripts” list on the left navigation menu.

TTP3 Visual Update

I’ve done a visual update to the Tactics, Techniques, & Procedures Guide for Arma 3.

You can check out the new version here.

ShackTac User Interface v1.2.0

Download the new STUI through Steam Workshop.


As part of this new release, we’ve moved our documentation to our public ShackTac wiki.

You can report issues in our tracker.

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