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Greetings, my nick is dslyecxi, and welcome to my site! Here you can find information on who I am, what ShackTac is and how to apply to join it, what my system specs are, further details about my Youtube channel, and more. This landing page highlights some of my more noteworthy creations.


My video work takes many forms, with some of the most notable example playlists featured on this page.

Since Youtube does not allow you to scroll through a channel’s complete upload history, I created a page on my site where you can easily look through everything I’ve uploaded. You can find that here. I have not yet automated the creation of it, so it might be a week or two old – it’s mainly intended for finding older videos to begin with.


The Hindsight series takes a look at scenarios that have happened in ShackTac’s gameplay, exploring the complexity of multiplayer Arma and revealing surprising details about what leads to any given scenario outcome.

Art of Flight

Art of Flight is tailored towards conveying lessons-learned, best practices, and other information about flying in the Arma series. Years of experience combined with illustrative scenarios and easy-to-follow visuals help to detail the intricacies of flying in an Arma combat environment. You can find illustrated transcripts of many of these episodes in my tactical guide, making it easier to refresh on various topics without needing to go through the entire video again.

Visualized Tactics, Techniques, & Procedures

The VTTP series is oriented at concepts relevant to ground roles, specifically infantry and vehicles. These are intended to give a solid understanding of fundamental tactics such as bounding, peeling, how to operate as a vehicle crew, choosing and securing landing zones, and more.

ShackTac Year in Reviews

My Year in Review videos are a labor of love that attempts to convey just how much enjoyment is had in any given year’s sessions. Each is the result of months worth of clip collecting and editing, and I’m immensely proud of how they’ve turned out over the years.

Arma 3 Gameplay

Videos of my gameplay experiences with ShackTac in Arma 3, with the occasional cinematic perspective of a scenario thrown in. If you’re wondering what our motto of ‘Serious Fun’ is all about, these are a great way to discover and experience it vicariously.

Other Playlists

In addition to those, there are a few additional playlists worth mentioning.

  • I did contract videos for Arma 3, known as the Community Guide series. You can find those here.
  • I’ve had the chance to do some real-world helo flying, which you can hear more about in my Flight series.

Other playlists, including ones of our OFP, Arma 1, and Arma 2 sessions, can be found on my Youtube channel.

Written Guides

I authored the official tactical guide for Arma 3, which is available freely on my site and known as the Tactics, Techniques, & Procedures Guide for Arma 3, or TTP3 for short.


(this is a repost of what I wrote when ending my Patreon campaign on Mar 30, 2023, since apparently that post became inaccessible as a result) I’ve decided to end my Patreon campaign. This has been on my mind for awhile now, and now’s as good a time as any. The campaign is currently paused, …

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Wedge & Duke

I made it out of the Corps just in time to catch Katrina in New Orleans. Returning to the city in the immediate aftermath of the storm, I was collecting some left-behind items when I heard something from another room. Investigating, I moved an end table aside and was surprised to find four kittens huddled …

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Site Tweak

I’ve changed this site to better reflect my intent for it. The landing page now acts as a gateway to various creations of mine, while emphasis on the news/posts aspect has stepped back. You can still access the news posts (writing -> site news), but don’t expect them to be terribly up-to-date going forward (not …

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