Harkov, as I knew him, exemplified the paradigm man; in the twilight of his indefatigable spirit, the hundreds of people whose paths he illuminated lament the tragedy that stole both a comrade and a leader.

May he find immortality in our memories.

- Nighthavvk

Gone but never forgotten.

The Shack Grieves

A small sampling of the massive response to the news of Harkov's death

As one computer geek to another, Harkov, you were such a nerd! While I am very sad that you have left us, I am glad that I was able to know you through our common interest in gaming. I don't care what anyone else thinks, I'm on the verge of tears today, but think of this as my own personal memorial to a friend. Shacknews was the community which brought all of us together, and it's a fitting place to remember and celebrate the part of your life that you shared with us.

You touched so many people here, as shown by the messages left over the past day, once we discovered what happened. You are one who savored everything in life. You didn't just sit back as a spectator, you were out there living it! We won't forget you Andrew.
- Zakko

This whole thing is incredibly sad and upsetting. Harkov would jump onto the bf2 server just me and him and play for hours even if no one else would join. i came close to tears with the first "brother" message.

Be careful guys i don't want to lose you =-(
- kbnerd

Oh no :( We used to play CS:S all the time... so many good games, he was a great guy to play with

Harkov you will be sorely missed :(
- MikkleThePickle


I didn't know you very well, and you didn't know me very well, but your death, as did your life, genuinely affected me. I remember countless hours of you kicking my ass at CS:S. We had great times together, and I always tried my best to keep up with you. I actually played better in your presence.

I remember playing with you and t0ast and being proud of myself for holding my own against you two. I made it up to be ranked #10 at my highest on Rydogg's, a rank that was directly affected by you consistently kicking my ass.

In fact, I remember posting one day to play on Rydogg's, and you showed up and for a while it was just you and me. We chatted and screwed around. Shortly, we were joined by 1 other person. The three of us played Aztec. I was playing really well that night, and actually beating you! You two joined the T's and I went on a ridiculously hot streak with the AWP and managed to make your ratio negative.

You were always funny, light-hearted and just generally awesome whenever I ran into you on the server or here on the comments.

It sounds trite to say it now, or maybe I finally understand the sentiment, but I really, truly regret not getting to know you better. The thought that I will now not ever get that opportunity is deeply saddening.

Most of all, it is the thought of never being able to play a game with you again ever, for the rest of my life, that really gets me.

Thank you so much for spending your time with me.

Harkov, it is with a heavy heart that I wish you a final farewell. May you find whatever peace you seek.
- Wheatloaf

My condolences, I wish I had gotten to know you better Harkov :(
- SirX

I only really knew Harkov through BF2, and even then I don't think I was ever lucky enough to actually be in his squad, but his death is really making me very depressed anyway. RIP, man. :(
- Lord Warlock

To leave the world so young and tragically tears me up so much - his family will be in my prayers.
Be with peace, harkov.
- siknsyko

:( I also had a lot of great games with him on rydogg's CS:S. He made everyone in the server laugh countless times and was always fun to game with. RIP Harkov & I hope all this gets settled and justice is served.
- wishfulthinker

Oh my god. This is really upsetting to me. Harkov was hilarious. I loved playing BF2 with him. He sounded like an awesome guy.
He was the funniest guy, I was looking forward to playing OFP with him. Now I dunno if I'll even play it, that's so depressing.
- Ratsofatsorat

This is a truly sad day on the Shack. Harkov/Adviss will be missed for his good times in BF2/Forza. I don't think I've ever felt this sad for someone I haven't met. The bonds that you gain through from just gaming togethers can be amazing.

This brings about the thoughts on how fragile life is. R.I.P. Harkov.
- cltcprd

It's tough to find words to properly express a sense of loss for someone you didn't actually know beyond the internet, but Harkov seemed like a genuine intelligent and nice guy along with being a great gamer, and he'll be missed.
- graah

Wow... this just totally floored me. R.I.P. Harkov, R.I.P.
- bluntage

Man this sucks. Adviss/Harkov was a really cool dude. He was a great squademate and terrifying opponent in our shackbattles. He will be sorely missed :(
- theWhite

Damn... :( He was always a fun person to play against. Shame to see him go out like this. R.I.P. man
- ColoradoCNC

I met harkov / andrew while playing an online game ( CS:S btw ) with him and other shackers. I didn't know him personally on the Shacknews website before that but after playing with him a few times he became part of the extended Shacker family and basically "one of us." He was a great guy and I can easily recall some great times all shackers had while playing with andrew. He will be missed. May he rest in peace and may your loss be easier to cope with.
- Sikander

This is terrible. I know it sounds corny but some of my best moments in BF2 was with him as a pilot.

There's so much sadness today... R.I.P
- -efx-

I really, really can't think of anything to say.

I feel dumb saying that I'll miss playing video games with him, but that's the only frame of reference I have.

And if his personality was even close to his online personality, he's definitely a fantastic and fun guy and I wish I had known/met him in real life.

- Kaiser

Damn this is sad.
I was wondering why I had not seen Uber squad in the last shackbattle. :(
- MrLobo

I'm sure you know your son was a happy and friendly person in his real life, but you may not know he was part of a large internet community of computer fans and he was just as friendly to us and a joy to know as I'm sure he was with his real family. We feel the loss of a good friend but our thoughts go out to you as you struggle to deal with the loss of such a good person and son.
- Luke Jones-Sexton, "Big Luke"

Harkov was a good guy, he will be missed.
- SuicideMachine

I didn't really know him, but I read his posts a lot and he seemed like a nice guy. It's always terrible when something like this happens, I wish his family the best in this hard time.
- M0nkz

Very depressing :( My deepest condolences to his brother and the family.
- ADM_

This is deeply saddening. My condolences to his family.
- mofo

I may not have gotten a chance to get to know you very well, but in my experiences playing online with, and against, you you seemed to be a great person. I hate to see one so young struck down in their prime, especially when it's a fellow Shacker. I wish I could be more eloquent, but unfortunately I don't know quite what to say in this situation. Hate to see you go man...
- Chris Castellaw, "ColoradoCNC"

Wow, how terrible. Condolences to the family. :(
- FormerHPB

Quite sad- condolences to his family =(
- Mmmmmoo

He was a funny and high-energy guy on teamspeak. Flying shotgun with him in a helo in Battlefield 2, or defending a chokepoint with him in CS was always a good time. I barely knew him, but I still miss him.

I said before, but I would like to say it again... goodbye, Harkov. Godspeed.
- silent prophet

Best wishes to the family and friends. R.I.P.
- Downforce

I only knew Andrew from playing with him online a few times but in that short time it was clear what a wonderful spirit he had. He was always humorous and acted as a leader to the rest of the team. Andrew's presence made the experience much more fun than it could be otherwise and something to look forward to. It was a joy to be on his team.

It's sad that I can only say these things from playing games with him a few times but during that time it seems clear that the person behind it was a great guy and must have had an even larger impact on the people he knew. I'm sorry for your loss and send my best wishes to your family.
- Tincan

Greatest opponent, and greatest teammate, Rest in peace man. =(
- Durandal07

My deepest condolences to his family, and to all the Shackers who knew him. I never came in contact with Harkov but this still really gets me down. RIP, man.
- Chris Remo

So sad, he was one of the few favorites of mine to play with online. RIP buddy.
- SolveChrist

I'm not sure what to say. I didn't really know him very well. Corny as it may sound, because he was one of the biggest rally fan here I guess I thought of him as a kindred spirit. He will be missed.
- Kiriakos

I'm sad that I didn't know him around here better. Makes me want to get to know a few of you guys a bit better than I do.
- tomservo

I never knew your son, for that I apologize, perhaps I shouldn't be writing this. But, in the past week, I've seen so very many people express concern and sorrow for the loss of him. These people never even met him in person, heck, most anything we talk about in this group of people is video games and women, and yet, I see them truly mourn him! Regardless of how we knew your son, we care and we will remember him.
- yAak

I always had a lot of fun playing with him on live and the shack servers, Harkov you will be missed.
- mmt681

RIP Harkov :( We had good times playing CS together. Condolescenses go out to your family and friends.
- c_man_tmt

I played with a few Shackers, harkov (Andrew) being one of them a few times in CS: Source and HL: DM a few times. Awesome fella to play with, and one of the names I recognize on the Shack. Rest in peace, Cap'n - you'll be sorely missed.
- Rice-Rocketeer

He was a great guy. I hope his family knows that he'll still be with them, always.
- plunkymeadows

He was probably the most skilled player on the shack counterstrike server. He also was really friendly, even though he'd wipe out half of my team.
- shredder133

It's tough to find words to properly express a sense of loss for someone you didn't actually know beyond the internet, but Harkov seemed like a genuine intelligent and nice guy along with being a great gamer, and he'll be missed.
- graah

AWWW MAN :( !!! I loved playing CS With him, he was super awesome. Sucks so bad. Thats a horrible way to lose your son.
- Silent Wolf

It is easy to forget how short and fragile life can be. I'm sorry he died. He seemed like a good guy and certainly always kicked the hell out of me in BF2.
- Taronish

This is some fucking bullshit; I'm honored to know that this man was a fellow Virginian. Senseless death.

Hark was one of my favorite guys to play with on the old CS:S server, he was one of the first to help me test configs, settings, etc.

He was also ranked first on the server when I shut it down a couple of weeks ago. Here's his final stats:

harkov K: 1638 D: 864 HS: 850
- rydogg1

I've been sitting here trying to think of something to post and the words escape me. This breaks my heart.
- Ajax

I've been wondering where this guy has been. Used to be one of the key players in BF2 shack battles. Got to talking to this guy and having fun with him in games damned often.

First time I was on the shack bf2 retail server, I spent hours with harkov screwing around on there, having a total blast.

This is by far the most profound moment of the endless hours I've spent on the shack.

Good games comrade. I'll miss you.
- d0gbert

I really have no idea what to say here...

I played against Andrew countless times over the past six months, and the one thing that struck me the most (besides his inhuman skills which were only matched by his humility) was his character. The internet can be such a faceless, anonymous place, but every once in a while you find a person like Andrew and you feel like you've made a valuable friend/acquaintance.

It seems weird to say that because I never saw him in real life or even had a one-on-one conversation with him, but I really feel as if I knew him. I think that speaks volumes as to his character, because he was able to convey who he was through casual interactions in a video game. Although he took competition seriously and assumed leadership roles, he was easygoing, funny, and never forgot that the game was just that: a game.

Until now I didn't realize how much this had affected me, but I know that whatever I'm feeling is not even remotely comparable to what you must be going through right now. I am so sorry for your loss, and wish the best for you and your family in the future. My thoughts and prayers are with you...
- Jim L.


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